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We have technology for the handling of liquids, such as: flow equipments and components, treatment and storage in the different phases of brewing.

PTS technology is used in the brewing industry for the collection, transportation, dehydration and drying of spent grains, as well as for the drying of yeast.







We supply a complete solution for transporting components and storage of spent grains inside the brewery.


Screw presses and dryers are used to dehydrate and dry spent grains to the desired final moisture. The dry spent grains contain from 20% to 26% of crude protein and are used as a pure natural addition in animal fodder.



PTS technology is also used in the brewing industry for yeast drying, which contains more than 48% crude protein (highly digestive).


It is a completely natural product, which is used as an animal feed additive for ruminants, pigs, horses and birds.







We carry out different processes in the beverage and beer sector to meet any of your expectations:

  • Spent grains harvest

  • Spent grains dehydration

  • Spent grains drying

  • Transportation

  • Storage

  • Yeast drying

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