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From process units such as extraction batteries, aroma recovery units, evaporators or dryers, to complete soluble coffee production plants, from green handling to bagging

In the production of instant coffee, the coffee extract is produced by extracting the roasted and milled grain with hot water in high-performance percolators.

The grinding of non-soluble coffee, which remains in the percolator after extraction, can be mechanically dehydrated in a residual humidity of 52% H2O, thus allowing generation of energy.

After the extraction process, the aromas are recovered and the coffee extract is concentrated in optimal conditions, taking care of the properties of the product following with spray drying or lyophilization to produce industrial or agglomerated dust.

Image by Estela Shaddix


  • Extraction batteries: "Wide Body Percolator Technology"

  • Aroma recovery

  • Evaporation by plates or by "falling film"

  • Spray dryers

  • "Freeze drying" technology

  • Agglomerators


  • Solid-liquid extraction

  • Liquid-liquid extraction

  • Liquid-gas extraction

  • Steam distillation

  • Vacuum rectification 

  • Lyophilization

  • Vacumm concentration and drying

  • Heating and cooking of food in roasting and grinding of coffee

  • Management of green coffee

  • Continuous direct steam DSI


  • Turn-key projects

  • Process descriptions

  • Electric engineering

  • Software programming for control and instrumentation systems

  • Instrumentation

  • Control panel manufacturing

  • Mounting

  • Start up

  • Pilot tests for evaporation, drying, extraction, roasting and grinding

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