Process Technology Solutions

Industries /// Oil & Gas

We have specialized personnel in process technology from the oil industry, specialists in petrochemical processes, mechanical specialists experts in the regulation of pipes and in construction processes, line design, specialists in static and dynamic mechanical equipment, in design of equipment selection and assembly of instrumentation and control systems, with which we have focused mainly on projects such as:

  • Obtaining oil distillates

  • Process of Natural Gas and Liquefied Gas

  • Storage and distribution infrastructure


Supervision and specialized technical assistance

PTS has the knowledge to achieve an integral development of engineering beginning with the analysis of the required situation, carrying out studies as:

  • Engineering

  • Client interpretation to engineering

  • Application of engineering by the contractor

  • Differences analysis

  • Application of good engineering practices

  • Potential savings analysis

  • Interferences with existing installations

  • Operational risk studies and their application

Contracts arrangement and management

Through an operative scheme of the administrative contract, programming, control of the project, control of changes and review of compliance.


  • Contract analysis

  • Analysis of the scope of the service reason for the contract

  • Legal and contractual aspects analysis

  • Identification of excluded reaches

Engineering management and integration on site 

We have the ability to manage and integrate engineering on site. As a result of the integration of engineering between suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as that corresponding to the engineering developed by the IPC itself; it is necessary to carry out the control of the integration between those quantities through a parallel program of engineering development and supervision without altering the original program of the project.

Engineering management and integration in subcontracts

We have the strength to integrate the engineering, verifying the congruence so there is no interference. We acomplish this from the assignment of the subcontracts, monitoring the development of the engineering through cross-checking with the parameters of engineering development of each subcontractor and with the base of contract engineering with the client.

On site assistance

We have a different industrial partners specialized in: equipment assemblaje, manufacture of specialized equipment, fluid transport lines assembly, assembly within the plant and through acquired rights of way, this with a certificate from the Mexican Accreditation Entity.

We have specialists in design, selection and equipment assembly for the control and measurement of liquid and gaseous fluids for transfer of custody, as well as alliances of analyzer equipment manufacturers.

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