The evaporators are used to reduce the volume of the product, to eliminate the water before drying and to improve the useful life of the product.

Evaporation is a highly efficient form of energy to remove water or other liquids and, therefore, the primary process for the production of concentrates.

The process time can be shortened by distributing the liquid to a larger surface area or using a higher temperature. Higher temperatures combined with longer residence times can, however, cause the degradation of food products, so it is critical to have the appropriate technology to avoid product damage.

We have a complete solution and equipment for liquid concentration and powder processing for the dairy, food and beverage, starch, pharmaceutical, chemical and alcohol indust.

Evaporation plants

  • Plate Evaporators

  • Tube Evaporators

  • Flash Evaporators

  • High Concentrators

  • Pilot Evaporation Plants

Evaporation plants

  • Rising Film Evaporators

  • Falling Film Evaporators

  • Solvent Recovery

  • Thermal Vapor Compressor

Evaporation products

  • Herbal extracts, medicinal plants

  • Coffee, tea, instant concentrate

  • Fruit and vegetable concentrates

  • Aromas and colorings

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