Pasteurization is a heat treatment which is used with dairy products to destroy any patogenic micro-organisms. It also sgnificantly reduce the number of all mircoorganisms. So it is a process that has a very important role in the public health of the dairy products consumers.

Pasteurization benefits

A positive side effect of this treatment is to increase the shelf life of the dairy products. However, one important aspect to consider when selecting the most suitable combination of time and temperature for the Pasteurization Process is the minimum possible loss of nutritive properties and keeping as much as possible the original organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Basic components

  • Balance Tank

  • Product Pump

  • Heat Exchanger. (With the highest economical heat regeneration value)

  • Timing Pump

  • Hot Water Loop

  • Holding Tube

  • Flow Diversion Device. (To provide an automatic fail-safe method of control to
    prevent sub-legal product from entering the pasteurized side of the HTST system

PTS designs, integrate, builds, tests and commissions fully automated Pasteurizing Systems, either skid mounted and/or tailored made to the customer’s conditions.

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