The aroma recovery is very important in certain industries, especially in the coffee maker since the quality of the coffee extract is mainly defined by the quality and the mixture of the coffee bean.

This is related to the specifications of the processing steps, for example, roasting and grinding, the type of extraction, as well as the recovery of aroma and final drying.



We offer individual process concepts, developed for maximum operational flexibility in consideration of the quality of the final product and the required capacity.

During the extraction process, the soluble solids and aromas are extracted in a highly efficient way and the aromas of the coffee are obtained smoothly to achieve the desired aroma profile.

The extraction process is followed by clarification of the coffee extract. Then, the extract is concentrated under vacuum at mild temperatures. The aromas generated are mixed with the extracted concentrate to adjust to the required flavor. This standardized aromatic coffee extract can be bottled or powdered
or lyophilized.

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